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The habitat of a small pet is the place where it lives and interacts with its surroundings. It must be rich in a variety of factors to ensure its survival and growth. Among these factors are sunlight, air and water.

Gerbils' ideal habitat is a large cage with a sloping bottom. It should be free from wires and mesh, as they can easily get stuck in the bottoms. Also, the bedding should be made from timothy hay. It is a good food source for your pet, and should not be a source of stress. Never use straw as bedding, as this will not absorb urine and can be harmful to your small pet.

A large habitat should be free from obstacles that can make your small pet feel threatened. The wires should be separated so the gerbil can safely explore and play. A small habitat should also be free from odor and dust. A suitable environment should be able to prevent accidents. The space around your pets cage should be a minimum of 12 square feet. If you want a smaller one, use a medium or small habitat with a wire spacing of 0.8 inches.

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BioBubble Rise Clips 4 pack 6.75" x 4.25" x 0.5"

The dome/riser clip four pack is perfect for when you want to stack risers or add a bioscreen to your habitat.