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Buckley's Cough & Congestion Relief 200ml (6.75 oz)

Buckley's Cough & Congestion Relief offers an effective solution to persistent symptoms by providing immediate respite from coughs and congestion. Its formula is designed to combat issues stemming from common colds, minor bronchial irritations, laryngitis, hoarseness, croupy cough, and irritations caused by smoking, dust, or air pollution.

Canesten Anti Fungal Cream 1%

Canesten Anti Fungal Cream 1% is Canada's top-rated antifungal cream, it provides relief from itching, burning, and scaling associated with foot sores. This cream is particularly effective in treating athlete's foot, ensuring your feet are healthy and comfortable.
$32.65 $23.99

Kirkland Muscle & Back Pain Platinum (Generic Robax)

Kirkland Muscle & Back Pain Platinum, a generic version of Robax Platinum, serves as an efficient muscle relaxant. It is designed to alleviate muscle spasms, back and neck discomfort, and various strains effectively. These caplets are a cost-effective alternative to Robax Platinum.
$42.55 $39.99

KIrkland Signature Extra Strength Platinum Muscle & Back Pain

Kirkland Signature Platinum Extra Strength serves as an efficient remedy for body and muscle pain. You have the opportunity to get two bottles, with each containing 90 caplets.
$87.99 $69.99

Nicoderm Clear Patch 14mg 7 patches

Nicoderm Clear Patch 14mg is a nicotine patch designed to aid individuals in their journey to quit smoking. Each patch contains 14mg of nicotine, which is gradually released into the body over a 24-hour period to help control cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
$49.99 $38.50

Nicorette Gum (Fresh Mint 2mg 30 pcs)

By using Nicorette Gum, you can gradually wean yourself off nicotine addiction while managing the withdrawal symptoms and cravings effectively. It's a practical and convenient tool that can be incorporated into your daily routine, providing you with the support you need on your journey to a smoke-free life.
$29.87 $19.99